Claims Classifier

To achieve an optimal and automated handling of each claim, they should be categorised according to patterns, potentially considering many more dimensions. Since the information about a claim grows with time, a re-classification should be possible. Our ‘Claims Classifier’ prototype allows to implement such AI-based solutions with only little effort within weeks.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we reduce the claims in manual processing that could have been processed automatically?
  • How can we avoid accepting claims that should have been declined in an automated process?
  • What are the applications of AI to classify your claims?
  • What technology can we employ in our organization to achieve an optimal and automated handling of claims?

What you will get from us:

  • Less manual claims processing: only accurate claims are processed manually.
  • Claims handlers and experts are working on the most remunerative claims.
  • Claims are re-classified along the processing according to the latest available claims data.
  • Applications of claims classification includes: Plausibility checks of claims, Identification of high-cost and complex claims, Initiate specific and special processes for certain types of claims automatically, Identification of potential for recourse claims.
  • Main part of the process is automated. Subsequently, tasks are created which trigger claims handlers action.
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Our Approach

  • Target Process Definition

    Define the targets in processing costs and an acceptable level of leakage in claims cost.

  • Claims Process Mapping

    Identify typical claims for manual as well as for automatic processing.

  • AI System Implementation

    Implement an AI System eg. Claims Classifier and train it – both for initial classification and for automatic re-classification along the process.

  • AI Model Training

    Continue training the AI System with live claims while it’s in production to increase accuracy.

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