DevOps Transformation

Sustainably reduce time-to-market, costs and organisational inertia with a comprehensive transformation of DevOps. Our holistic approach encompasses a range of dimensions from operational set-up to the specific methods and tools employed in DevOps.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can an organization be aligned towards one common goal?
  • What approach will reduce work on things that don’t add any value to our organisation?
  • Is it possible to deploy code to production in minutes instead of months?
  • How can our IT overhead be reduced?
  • How can we significantly outperform our competition on time-to-market of new developments?

What you will get from us:

  • An understanding of current process inefficiencies and non-value adding work
  • Target value streams and detailed implementation roadmap
  • Higher employee satisfaction due to a reduction of redundant tasks
  • An alignment of the whole organization towards a common goal
  • Increased efficiency and compliance across all departments
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Our Approach

  • Analyse Situation

    Analyse current organisational setup with value stream mapping.

  • Goal Definition

    Define target value stream for most critical processes in workshops with a small dedicated team.

  • Roadmap Definition

    Outline a plan on how to reach the target value stream.

  • Implementation of Measures

    Consistent implementation of the plan with a small dedicated team of Synpulse experts and key stakeholders.

  • Scale Up across Organization

    Once successfully implemented spread the word within the organisation and start implementing DevOps on a company wide scale

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