Project Management Office (PMO)

Achieve a smooth project flow and relieve your project staff by a highly efficient coordination of project activities and resources. Define and maintain standards for project management within your organization to increase the transparency within the project and foster decision making based on profound data analysis.

Are you asking yourself

  • How to relieve our project staff and reduce workload
  • How the project can be better structured
  • How to best coordinate resources from different departments
  • How to track progress and frequently inform stakeholders

What you will get from us:

  • Efficient coordination of project activities
  • Detailed status reports with profound data analysis
  • Accelerated decision-making
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  • Project Management

    Expertise in project management techniques, processes, tools and standards

  • Communication

    Strong communication skills

  • Stakeholder Management

    Management and alignment of all relevant stakeholders

  • Business Analysis

    Further skills in business analysis including data analysis, finance etc.

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