M&A Integration

The first step in an M&A integration or merger is to reach an agreement on strategy among your team. This will include the direction of the integration, goals, risks, priorities, performance metrics, assumptions, final states, non-negotiable points and the extent to which the target company is to be integrated. In some forms of mergers and acquisitions, integration plays a greater role than in others, and it is more relevant in some functions than in others, depending on the rationale behind the deal. Together we clarify and define the future target operating model of the target company.

Are you asking yourself

  • Have you sufficiently considered and prepared the Post-Merger Iintegration details during the pre-deal and deal phase?
  • Are you suffering to turn the announced targets at closing into reality?
  • Do you have the milestones agreed with the regulators and the integration risks under control?
  • How do you streamline and optimise the joint organization, processes, products and IT architecture to achieve the targets?
  • How do you maintain management attention for Post-Merger Integration activities once the deal phase has been completed?

What you will get from us:

  • Reduction of integration costs and risks
  • Identification and realization of redundancies
  • Structured and trackable integration plan and change management
  • Minimized business disruption during integration phase
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Our Approach

  • Integration Area Focus

    Identify the integration areas to focus on during the transition depending on the deal type (asset vs. entity deal) and the nature of business.

  • Business and Operational Gaps

    Assess differences in the business and operating models between the entities to identify the gaps to be closed in the integration phase.

  • Joint Target Operating Model

    Define the target state in a joint target operating model, providing the basis for the detailed integration planning.

  • Integration Approach

    Estimate and plan integration, conduct integration risk assessment and kick-off integration program.

  • Optimization Program

    Identify synergies for a subsequent optimization program to streamline the integrated business and thus to turn the deal into a profitable growth.

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