Digital Underwriting


Are you asking yourself

  • How can we automate labour-intensive underwriting activities and perform risk assessment based on rules real-time?
  • How can we replace manual risk assessment with a synchronised and front-loaded digital process?
  • How can we use external data sources in underwriting and switch from a one-time data collection to ongoing data recording and analysis?
  • How can we focus on risk optimisation instead of simply accepting vs. rejecting risks to generate insights for product and pricing management?

What you will get from us:

  • Outside-in challenge of your existing underwriting processes
  • Reduction of media breaks and manual effort in the UW process
  • Enhanced room for man oeuvre in the obtaining of information, increased efficiency in data collection and improved effectiveness in dealing with risk assessment
  • Gaining experience in continuous risk optimisation and laying the base for dynamic pricing
  • Improvement of the pricing process by using new data sources and widening of risk characteristics
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  • Risk Assessment and Pricing

    Methodical and technical competencies in risk assessment and pricing

  • Design and Implementation

    Experienced in underwriting process design and implementation

  • Integrating External Data Sources

    Expertise in systematically integrating external data sources

  • Pricing Models

    Proven expertise in prevention of anti-selection and the transfer of underwriting insights into pricing models

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