MAS 610報告

Ensure cost-efficient and timely MAS 620 reporting, which requires additional data points and increased sophistication in reporting. How can organisations achieve this in much smaller timeframe, efficiently?

Are you asking yourself

  • Can you share the areas of requirement interpretation, data sourcing and management, and possible automation of processes within the industry?
  • How can you help us to improve data quality and having consistent data within our organization?
  • Can you help us to improve our data governance model to be aligned with the regulatory reporting?
  • What have you done in this area?

What you will get from us:

  • Accurate and consistence data maintenance over the entire lifecycle.
  • Cost reduction and adding flexibility to the existing technology infrastructure.
  • Higher efficiency and cost-savings with automation.
  • Operationalization of the framework within the short regulatory timeline
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Our Approach

  • Automation Solutions

    Provide interpretations of regulatory reporting requirements which impact data, development, and/or improvement of automation solutions.

  • Reporting

    Identify data gaps and improvements to existing reporting processes and type of modifications that is required to existing reporting.

  • Regulatory Reporting

    Drafting regulatory reporting governance framework structure to address data gaps identified, including applicable approaches for IT implementation.

  • Testing

    Extensive testing of implemented solutions with pre-defined test-cases and group of testers from business as well as operations functions.

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