Agile project management done right will increase team motivation and ownership to develop high quality customer centric solutions. Our hands-on management Scrum workshop teaches you how to successfully apply agile management concepts and tools to your projects.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we enhance the customer centricity of our development?
  • How can expectations be managed in an agile setting?
  • How can project plans and agile delivery be aligned?
  • What agile key performance indicators are critical?
  • What are the levers that drive successful agile transformation?

What you will get from us:

  • An understanding of how to apply Scrum in your own projects
  • Hands-on experience of the difference between agile and waterfall projects
  • Understand the advantages of short planning and feedback cycles
  • Experience the advantages of Scrum towards delivery of results
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Our Approach

  • Setting Goals

    Preparatory interview to clarify the needs, questions, and initial situation.

  • Expert Input

    Introduction to the key principles of Scrum and Agile development.

  • Workshop

    Hands-on workshop with examples and experience tools for better expectation management and agile planning.

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