Implementation projects stand and fall with good project management. Our practice-proven SPEEDmethod® enables your project management to focus projects on the desired output while organising activities efficiently and creating well-structured documentation. With this approach Synpulse guarantees its clients a high degree of continuity and long-term quality of service and lays the foundation for successful cooperation.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we speed up our implementation projects?
  • How can we ensure the success of large-scale implementation projects?
  • How can we reduce project complexity?
  • How can we guarantee transparency of the individual steps and decisions?

What you will get from us:

  • A reduction in the complexity of your project by structuring tasks
  • A high degree of acceptance and effectiveness due to consistent involvement of all stakeholders
  • A high level of accuracy as a result of scenario analysis and business cases
  • A high likelihood of successful project conclusions
  • A highly structured documentation
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Our Approach

  • Process Orientation

    The method follows a linear process flow that is reflected by project phase activities and documentation.

  • Hierarchy

    Processes are defined on different levels to provide a comprehensive overview and allow to drill down into specific processes.

  • Process Streams

    Typically, three process streams are followed: a core process, a project management process and a technology process.

  • Documents

    All relevant documents are defined along the processes of respective project phases.

  • Naming Convention

    A consistent naming convention assures that all documents are easily retrievable and versions are retained.

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