A Comparative Outlook on ESG Regulations Across APAC

Gain insights into the regulatory approaches of key territories in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and discover how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are shaping a sustainable future.

ESG has become an “ethical slogan” among governments, regulatory bodies, corporates, and financial firms. Entities have formulated guidelines, policies, and frameworks to implement relevant regulations over the past few years. Looking ahead, regulators are expected to focus on the integration of ESG into risk management protocols to drive greater value.

Driving green and sustainable finance

Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan have each declared their commitment to promoting green and sustainable banking through robust ESG regulations. These locations recognise the significant influence of financial institutions on climate issues, making it imperative to promote green and sustainable finance through ESG regulations.

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Unlock the potential of ESG

We encourage you to take action and embrace ESG’s potential benefits, such as enhanced brand reputation, expanded market opportunities, and increased investor confidence and funding. By doing so, you can fulfil your compliance obligations and actively contribute to a future that is more sustainable and responsible.

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