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Meet our people

From entry-level to leadership, our people are some of the most innovative and authentic game-changers, shaping the financial services industry in an era of transformation and disruption.

Ekaterina Derkatch

«It’s a great feeling when you’re working with clients and teammates who have the same insurgent mentality. As I think about the job, the thing that I love the most is that I am constantly challenged and learning new things.»

Ekaterina Derkatch, Senior Consultant Zurich
Navinesh Chand

«I really enjoy the start up nature of our business, looking for new ways to deliver results with our clients relies on being entrepreneurial and having a ‘get things done’ attitude. Genuinely, no two days are the same, I love the changing nature of our world and our people feeding of each other to be better every day!»

Navinesh Chand, Associate Partner Sydney
Shuchen Lin

«The thing I enjoy most about working at Synpulse is definitely the people. I think everyone I’ve interacted with has a special trait that I will call the 'Synpulse factor'. Despite our diverse opinions and backgrounds, I see this trait at a global level. Examples include things like having interesting lunch conversations, to getting a helping hand whenever I have questions. Overall, it is a really special company to work for.»

Shuchen Lin, Manager New York
Prasanna Venkatesan

«I believe that attitude and mindset weighs over knowledge and experience every single time. At Synpulse, we thrive to bring the best of this mix through a culture of entrepreneurship and perseverance.»

Prasanna Venkatesan, Partner Singapore
Jelka Calabretti

«What I love about Synpulse is the diversity of the educational backgrounds of its people – it’s really inspiring to work with colleagues with a background in physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, languages, engineering, maths.»

Jelka Calabretti, Manager Zurich
James Dellborg

«The diversity of projects I am involved with at Synpulse stands out for me. Working for Synpulse offers a great level of variety, providing me with the opportunity to help clients and gain new perspectives at the same time.»

James Dellborg, Manager Singapore
Amelie Exner

«Joint successes with customers motivate us to strive for innovation. Our openness to continuous change allows for doors to open, so that there is always something new coming up.»

Amelie Exner, Senior Consultant Zurich
Hares Ahmadi

«No two projects are the same, and that's why you are constantly confronted with new challenges. What I love about consulting is that the expectations are high and the pace is fast - there is never a boring day.»

Hares Ahmadi, Senior Consultant Zurich
Ingo Muschick

«Incredible 20 years ago, as a graduate, I dreamed of joining a company where I can learn different industries, topics and markets and take over responsibility soon. Lucky me I found Synpulse and served dozens of clients in various industries and geographies together with great colleagues and friends. And I learned that the latter makes the difference at Synpulse.»

Ingo Muschick, Partner Dusseldorf
Franziska Kruse

«Some days can be tough – with long hours and hard deadlines. Knowing, I’m surrounded by fantastic people who equally love the challenge and yet always make the time to share coffee & laughter makes me feel fortunate. And leaves me eagerly anticipating the moments to celebrate our achievements together.»

Franziska Kruse, Associate Partner Düsseldorf
Roland Haller

«Internal Services of all locations work closely together and support each other, be it in Finance, Marketing or HR. This is fantastic and shows as well from an internal perspective, that we are a truly global company.»

Roland Haller, Head Internal Services Zurich
Linda Ademi

«The most unexpected aspect at Synpulse is the relationships I have built with colleagues, team members and clients»

Linda Ademi, Senior Consultant Geneva
Pallav Kapur

«Each year has been a refreshing challenge at Synpulse. With continuously changing roles, clients, countries and time zones, learning has always been a positive constant. I wish to continue to be part of Synpulse’s growth story. Upwards and onwards.»

Pallav Kapur, Associate Partner New York
Sue Pham

«I’m grateful for the opportunities to deliver value to clients and create a positive impact whilst sustaining a continuous learning curve. Having had a talented, diverse, and close-knit group of colleagues on this journey also makes it far more enjoyable, rewarding, and memorable.»

Sue Pham, Consultant Sydney
Mischa Jülich

«Being part of a team that continuously strives to improve and where the hunger for knowledge, quality and customer value is never appeased is purely inspirational and provides the necessary anchor in a high demanding and quickly developing client environment.»

Mischa Jülich, Associate Partner Düsseldorf
Vamsi Krishna

«As a Country Lead responsible for build-out of a new entity for Synpulse, I get involved in almost every facet of the business right from incorporation, to sales, to delivery, and build capabilities in a myriad of platforms, products & skills. Building out a company is extremely rewarding process and I am grateful for the opportunity to do it for a dynamic company like Synpulse and in such a large market like India.»

Vamsi Krishna, Associate Partner Singapore
Priti Patel

«I love the fact that we are encouraged to voice our opinions, ask questions and suggest solutions. Synpulse truly has an entrepreneurial spirit.»

Priti Patel, People and Culture Business Partner London
Sergio Gobbi

«Synpulse inspires me as a collective multitude of bright minds. It feels great to be part of it, but also obliges to make a contribution to the value we bring to our clients - the most rewarding moment being when we see the client’s clients (or their employees) being happier as a result of our effort.»

Sergio Gobbi, Consultant Zurich
Blair Cowan

«For me, the best part of working for Synpulse is the team that I am involved with. Furthermore, the type of projects that I find myself working on also allows me the opportunity to solve problems and think in a pragmatic and logical way to bring a solution to clients.»

Blair Cowan, Consultant London

Curious? Let us answer your questions.

You’re bound to have a lot of questions about what it’s like to work at Synpulse. Here you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Synpulse and our recruitment process.

What is the culture at Synpulse like?

Synpulse strives to create a high-impact, enabling culture where talented Synpulsians are encouraged to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Regardless of your background, level or years of experience with the firm, our culture rewards those with brilliant ideas – and, more importantly, the enthusiasm, creativity, and determination to execute them.

Members of our team challenge and support one another, creating an environment that’s both inspiring and encouraging. We practice our values of Embrace, Drive, Achieve as we seek to create an increasingly diverse, equitable, inclusive, challenging, and open culture.

What does Synpulse look for in a candidate?

Synpulse is looking for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who combine a great personality with the drive to achieve and make an impact in their environment.

How does the interview process run at Synpulse?

After you submit your application, a member of our talent acquisition team will reach out to you if we’d like to schedule an initial interview. The number and style of the interview(s) may vary depending on the office location, but you can expect the following:

  • Approximately 3 interviews
  • If you are applying for a Manager or Associate Partner-level role, a case presentation will be part of your final round interview

How much travel can be expected?

The amount of travel depends on your office location, role, and the projects you’re assigned. Travel expectations for the specific role you’re interviewing for will be addressed as part of the interview process.

What’s involved in onboarding? What kind of training can new hires expect when they join Synpulse?

When you join Synpulse, you’ll be connected with an onboarding mentor. This mentor will guide you from day one through your first six months with Synpulse. They will help you navigate Synpulse’s physical and virtual environments, as well as guide you through the New Employee School, Synpulse’s Academy program designed to successfully train and prepare consultants for future projects.

What’s the career progression for a consultant at Synpulse?

At Synpulse you can progress in a typical consulting career. Each career level carries more responsibility in the team, on a project, in sales, and within the company. We offer personalized paths (client developer, business developer or delivery master) along your progression dependent upon your preferences, skills and strategic orientation. You can also mix the paths.

Are there flexible working options?

We’re open to discussing these with you during the interview stages of the recruitment process. These discussions will be very much role and location-dependent.

What kind of benefit programs does Synpulse offer new employees?

Synpulse provides a broad range of competitive benefits to ensure the health and well-being of our most valuable resource, our people. As a global firm, benefit programs vary based on country location.

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