Empowering Women in Banking: Key Takeaways from our 2024 Panel

Women@Synpulse celebrated Women's History Month 2024 with a global online panel featuring esteemed leaders from the banking industry: Alicia Rich, Francesca Dalla-Giovanna, and Suzzanna Gill. These individuals have driven transformation across multiple global banks. The panel was hosted by Sanya Thapa, Women@Synpulse lead and Associate Partner.

Learn about our top takeaways on creating equitable and inclusive workspaces, the importance of sponsorship and networks, and advice for future leaders in this highlight video of the panel (if you don't see the video, please click here). You may also contact us below to get the full recording.

Watch the highlights from the panel.

Key takeaways

  1. Lead authentically by embracing your unique qualities and strengths rather than conforming to narrow gender stereotypes of what a leader should be.
  2. Take strategic risks, champion your own cause, and lead by example through actively seeking out opportunities and shattering limitations.
  3. Embrace sponsorship as a reciprocal journey by proactively seeking mentorship with leaders who are open to collaboration and mutual growth.
  4. Nurture open communication and dialogue within your teams to break down barriers and counter harsh biases. Take the time to understand people and what motivates them.
  5. Champion individuals from diverse backgrounds by providing them with meaningful opportunities and seeking their input to tap into the collective wisdom of your teams.
  6. Accommodate diverse circumstances by adopting an outcome-oriented approach to foster a culture of trust, autonomy and work-life balance.

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