How to Build a Successful Virtual Bank in Thailand

Our eBook, "How to Build a Successful Virtual Bank in Thailand", explores the emergence of virtual banks in Thailand, their potential to revolutionise the country's financial landscape, and what makes a successful virtual bank.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Thai banking, virtual banks emerge not only as a symbol of convenience but as forerunners of a transformative era. Their digital-only presence holds the promise of extending financial services to the underbanked, fostering inclusivity in a digital-first society. The Bank of Thailand's vision underscores this potential, setting ambitious goals for virtual banks to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and promote sustainable growth.

Why virtual banks matter

  • Financial inclusion: Virtual banks can reach underserved segments, like small businesses and individuals without traditional bank access, through user-friendly digital platforms.
  • Innovation: Unburdened by legacy systems, virtual banks can introduce new financial products and enhance the overall banking experience.
  • Efficiency: Their digital-first approach allows for streamlined operations, potentially leading to competitive rates, lower fees, and faster transactions.

The goals and expectations

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) plays a key role in shaping this new era by outlining specific goals for virtual banks:

  • Expanding financial inclusion through remote services and streamlined onboarding processes.
  • Fostering innovation by leveraging technology and data analytics to develop user-centric financial products.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency to offer competitive rates, lower fees, and faster services.
  • Promoting sustainable growth through responsible lending practices and tailored financial solutions.

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