Keyless and Synpulse Partner to Bring Phishing-Resistant MFA to UK Market

The new partnership aims to combat rising instances of account takeover fraud in the financial services industry.

Keyless Technologies, the leaders in privacy-enhancing biometric authentication, have today announced a new partnership with Synpulse, a leading technology-focused consulting firm that delivers transformation, to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge multi-factor authentication solutions in the United Kingdom.

In the first half of last year, more than £609.8 million was stolen through bank fraud and scams in the United Kingdom. Research commissioned by Aberdeen Group also found that 84% of financial services firms experienced an account takeover attack in 2021.

“There’s been a sharp rise in account takeover attacks over the past two years, which is why transitioning to passwordless solutions is paramount to enabling safe and secure online experiences,” said Fabian Eberle, co-founder and chief operating officer at Keyless.

“This partnership with Synpulse will help us accelerate the adoption of our phishing-resistant passwordless MFA solutions in the financial services industry, which is increasingly susceptible to online fraud,” he continued.

Recognised by the likes of Gartner as a lead vendor, Keyless is the first passwordless solution to combine proprietary privacy-enhancing facial recognition with device verification software, enabling phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication with a simple look into the camera.

With biometric data never being stored on the user’s device or on servers, Keyless also offers strong adherence to the requirements set out under international data protection and privacy regulations, such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Keyless, a leading provider of cutting-edge biometric authentication solutions. Our collaboration with Keyless enables us to enhance our clients' security while also improving the user experience,” said Marouane Bakhtar, Managing Director at Synpulse.

“The innovative biometric technology of Keyless aligns with our commitment to delivering digitalization solutions that transform financial services. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring,” he continued.

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About Synpulse

Synpulse is a global professional services company and a valued partner of leading players in the financial services and related industries. We optimize the proximity to our clients and deep domain expertise to create sustainable value using technology as a business driver. Leveraging our strong network of over 100 ecosystem partners, we accompany our clients throughout their transformation journey – from strategy and development to implementation and management. With our tech powerhouse, Synpulse8, we collaborate with our clients to co-create digital experiences with innovative technologies and proprietary methods. Synpulse is powered by the passion and commitment of its more than 1300 employees from 21 offices who come from over 30 countries. ​

About Keyless

Keyless is a passwordless authentication company pioneering privacy-preserving biometric solutions for workforce and consumer authentication. Keyless was founded by leading security and privacy experts, and its patented technology is the first to use privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) for biometric authentication and identity management. Keyless delivers frictionless authentication experiences that eliminate account takeover (ATO) fraud, enhance security, and make it easy to comply with evolving regulations such as GDPR and PSD2.