Redefining Risk Control Part 2: Transforming Risk Control Services Through Remote Assessment

In this article, we'll delve into the significance of transforming risk control using remote inspections, customer self-assessments, and data augmentation.

Risk control services are essential for assessing and mitigating operational risk while providing underwriters with vital risk insights. Traditionally, these services involved time-consuming and costly on-site inspections. This methodology depended on the total insured value (TIV), which ignored many risks that fall outside of the TIV threshold, leaving insurers with significant exposure. However, technological advances are revolutionising risk assessment and enhancing scalability.

Evolution and challenges of risk control

In the past, risk control professionals relied heavily on physical visits to evaluate and assess risk. While these on-site inspections were effective, they often posed several challenges.

Redefing Risk Control figures Evolution and challenges of risk control

Remote inspection and assessment

Remote inspection technology and processes have revolutionised the field of risk control by addressing these challenges. This transformation is driven by several key components:

Redefing Risk Control figures Remote inspection and assessment

The importance of transforming today

Transforming risk control services through remote inspection technology and processes offers several significant benefits:

Redefing Risk Control figures The importance of transforming today

Revolutionising risk control

The transformation of risk control services through remote inspections is a significant step forward in the industry. Insurers that adopt these processes are seeing significant improvements in the scalability of their risk control efforts. With this model, insurers are effectively managing risks below the traditional TIV threshold, which is something that was previously not viable. Embracing this revolution is not only a smart move for insurance organisations but also a vital one to keep up with the ever-evolving risks. As technology continues to advance, the importance of these transformative changes in risk engineering cannot be overstated.

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