Remote Agile Work Webinar Series- Part 1

Part 1: Best Practices for Scrum in Remote Projects

Struggling with working remotely on your agile projects? At Synpulse, we have years of experience in delivering remote agile projects! We’d like to share a few tips and tricks with you that helped us a lot over the last couple of years.

Working from home might become part of the new normal for many teams. Workarounds and quick fixes don’t do the job anymore to efficiently work from home. Remote projects might become the standard for many of us and it is crucial to remain efficient. With our near and offshoring centers, as well as our global projects, Synpulse has delivered remote agile projects for years now.


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In this webinar series, we’d like to share our experiences and give you some tips and tricks:

  • What are the challenges?
  • How do we tackle these challenges?
  • What are the main drivers for efficient remote work?

Watch below the 1st webinar of our new Remote Agile Work series and approach our experts if you want to learn more!

Watch the Webinar: Best Practices for Scrum in Remote Projects

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