Remote Agile Work Webinar Series- Part 3

Part 3: Scrum Terms

Struggling with working remotely on your agile projects? Here at Synpulse, we have years of experience in delivering remote agile projects. With our video series on remote agile work, we’d like to share tips and tricks that helped us a lot over the last couple of years.

Working from home might become part of the new normal for many teams. Workarounds and quick fixes don’t do the job anymore to work efficiently from home. Remote projects might become the standard for many of us and it is crucial to remain efficient. With our near- and offshoring centers as well as our global projects, Synpulse has delivered remote agile projects for years now. We support our clients on global, large scale projects where most of the interaction is virtual.

In our first video of this webinar series we were talking about best practices for remote agile projects. Watch it again here.

In the second part of the series we took a closer look at how to launch an agile project remotely and how to measure its impact. We’re sharing our best tips & tricks in this short video. 

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Scrum Terms: Definition of Ready, Definition of Done & Unclear Acceptance Criteria

In this episode, we'll explore how to use clearly defined scrum concepts to ensure successful product delivery and reduce the risk of unexpected outcome.

Watch the Webinar: Scrum Terms

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