Synpulse and Instinct Digital Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Digital Transformation for Asset and Investment Managers

Synpulse, a leading management consultancy specialising in the financial services industry and Instinct Digital, a cutting-edge technology product company focused on digital-first investment communication platforms, have formed a strategic partnership. The goal of this partnership will be to advance digital transformation in the financial services sector, specifically asset management and investment management firms.

Instinct Digital specialises in providing digital solutions tailored to the needs of asset management and investment firms. Their flagship product is a state-of-the-art investment communication platform designed to revolutionise the way financial institutions operate, manage, and communicate investment reporting in the digital age. Instinct Digital's platform is built with a focus on user experience, efficiency, and compliance, empowering clients to navigate the digital landscape seamlessly.

The collaboration between Synpulse and Instinct Digital represents a strategic synergy, combining Synpulse's extensive industry knowledge and consulting capabilities with Instinct Digital's innovative technology solutions. Together, the two companies aim to address the evolving needs of financial services clients by delivering comprehensive digital transformation services that enhance operational efficiency, client engagement, and overall performance.

Marouane Bakhtar, Managing Director at Synpulse UK, commented, "This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for Synpulse as we continue to evolve our digital offerings for financial services firms. By joining forces with Instinct Digital, we aim to provide our clients with an innovative solution that addresses the unique opportunities of the digital era for the wealth sector."

Cassian Scott, CEO of Instinct Digital, added, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Synpulse, a well-respected name in financial services consulting. Together, we look forward to transforming the industry by delivering a product that empowers asset and investment managers to control their client reporting solutions and deliver efficiencies."

This partnership leverages Instinct Digital’s cutting-edge investment communication platform to enhance the digital capabilities of financial institutions. Thanks to the fusion of consulting and technology Expertise, blending Synpulse's profound industry insights with the technological innovations of Instinct Digital, this powerful alliance will enable delivery at pace of end-to-end solutions. Going beyond immediate requirements, partnership solutions will focus on driving long-term value and positioning financial institutions for sustained success.

This strategic collaboration aligns with and underscores both firms' commitment to driving innovation in financial services and ensuring their clients are well-equipped to navigate and thrive in the digital future.

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