Synpulse Launches Insurance Linked Strategies Practice

As a boutique consulting company serving the reinsurance industry for more than 20 years, Synpulse has built up pointed experience and expertise serving clients in the ILS space. In an effort to serve this growing intersection of capital and insurance markets in a more dedicated way, Synpulse is now formally launching its ILS practice.

The decision to launch a dedicated ILS practice builds from the growing demand from an increasingly sophisticated ILS market. Synpulse is uniquely positioned to serve this growing demand given its substantial ILS project experience and team expertise gained over recent years. This is a natural transition which builds on top of Synpulse’s 20-plus year experience serving the reinsurance industry.

To serve ILS clients, Synpulse will leverage its global team of over 30 ILS and reinsurance experts based in key financial markets around the world. Synpulse consultants draw on shared experience gained in over 200 projects with the world’s leading reinsurance and ILS players. The practice is led by Patrick Roder who draws on more than 10 years of experience in reinsurance and banking industries.

In order to address client needs in a market that grows more and more sophisticated, Synpulse is dedicated to providing targeted services to support clients’ ILS platform needs. The ILS practice will provide consulting services from strategy to execution on operations and technology topics in order to help our clients create and foster state-of-the art ILS platforms that enable them to focus on their core business.

The ILS practice will offer services along the complete alternative capital reinsurance value chain with a focus on reinsurance operations and the interplay between reinsurance and fund management.

Synpulse Launches Insurance Linked Strategies Practice 1


Our service offering is particularly focused on ILS fund managers with and without transformer capabilities as well as reinsurance companies with ILS capabilities.