Synpulse to supercharge the financial services industry's rapid demand for digital transformation with the launch of technology powerhouse, Synpulse8

Synpulse, which combines consulting, design, and engineering to offer innovative digital experiences for clients and customers, has launched Synpulse8.

Global management consultancy firm Synpulse has expanded its technology offerings with Synpulse8, a technology powerhouse that caters specifically to the rapidly growing digital needs of clients in the financial services industry.

Synpulse8 offers customers innovative and end-to-end solutions to meet their business needs, from developing bespoke products to providing customised services that enhance customer experience and drive business to the next level. The technology powerhouse features three key components: Ecosystem Partner Integration, Bespoke Engineering, and Technology Advisory.

Ecosystem Partner Integration encompasses a range of software from over 100 relevant technology partners and implements the right solutions for clients; Bespoke Engineering works with clients to build tailor-made technology solutions from the ground up; and Technology Advisory provides clients advice on elements, such as technology strategy, IT operating models, architecture security, and big data.

The experts who provide such services are a global group of highly skilled talents – including designers, data scientists, software engineers, and solution architects – who work jointly to deliver quality solutions that complement clients' needs.

"Having been consulting the financial service industry for the past 25 years, we have observed that next to traditional consultancy, our clients are keen on outcome-based, turnkey digital solutions. This is why we put Synpulse8 at the core of our new strategy," said Yves Roesti and Konrad Niggli, Managing Partners and Co-CEOs of Synpulse Group. "In order to remain competitive, technology adoption is no longer an option but a necessity. With Synpulse8, we now deliver a complete suite of services to our clients through the combination of strategy, design, and implementation."

The technology powerhouse has been operating under the Synpulse brand before officially being named Synpulse8. It is already working with renowned industry partners to offer enhanced expertise and solutions to clients, including some of the top global and regional financial institutions around the world. The new Synpulse8 proposition will be co-led by Salomon Wettstein in the Asia-Pacific region and Raphael Bianchi in Europe and the US.

Salomon Wettstein, Partner of Synpulse, said, "At Synpulse, our goal has always been to help our clients address challenges and seize opportunities that will transform their business. Synpulse8 enables us to take a significant step further by complementing our consultancy expertise with deep technical know-how to implement strategies and make them come to life. What also excites us is the potential for Synpulse8 to constantly produce innovative and industry-relevant products that will future-fit organisations and enhance their positions in the global market. This would not be possible without our talented team of technology experts who have extensive knowledge about what they do. With them, so much is possible, and we look forward to delivering exceptional digital experiences for the financial services industry.”

"With innovation at the heart of Synpulse, Synpulse8 adds significant value to our existing suite of solutions as we develop and challenge traditional ways of working in the financial industry," said Raphael Bianchi, Partner of Synpulse. "This is just the beginning for us – we anticipate the rapid growth of products and services as we continue to explore collaborations within our ecosystem and with our alliance partners around the world. As the global financial industry continues to evolve with the current and new players, Synpulse8 will serve as the innovation driver to propel them ahead."

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About Synpulse

Synpulse is an internationally established management consulting company and valued partner of many of the world's largest financial services providers. Since its founding in 1996, Synpulse has been supporting banks and insurers along the entire value chain, from the development of strategies and their operative realisation to technical implementation and handover.

Synpulse is characterised by in-depth industry knowledge and the passion and commitment of its more than 700 employees, who come from more than 20 countries. Synpulse is represented in Zurich, Geneva, Dusseldorf, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Bratislava, Manila, Jakarta, Hyderabad, and Bangkok.

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