Synpulse Training Solutions

  1. Training Solutions is the Synpulse’s approach to plan, develop and execute trainings for our clients. Training concepts are developed, and tailor made to our clients’ needs.
  2. Training Solutions enhances the learning and supports the adoption of new systems and processes leading to higher effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. We evaluate the optimal training methods; we cover a wide range of methodologies, usually in a “blended learning” mix.


Synpulse Training Solutions Webinar On-Demand

Watch our webinar where we discuss how your organisation can effectively leverage digitization to educate your workforce at home.

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Client Benefits

  1. Tailored training strategy and approach
  2. Digitisation of training content
  3. Training with business process experts
  4. Time saving on redundant trainings
  5. Enhancement of user guides and manuals
  6. Efficient management of training implementations
  7. Innovative training methodologies
  8. Possibility to train staff worldwide in multiple languages
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If you would like to know more about our effective integrated Training Solutions, please join our Synpulse Training Solutions Webinar below, or contact the Nivedana Jalan or Susanne Fischer from the Training Solutions team.

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