The Future of Collaboration for ILS Fund Managers

Collaboration among internal and external parties is integral to an ILS Fund Manager's ability to run its business. Today these engagements come at significant transaction costs. Digitising processes and information exchanges will reduce these costs while creating a more seamless experience.

Cumbersome blending of information

The ILS Fund Manager’s team of specialists deploy an array of tools which are highly particular and attuned to the processes they serve. Often, these expert tools are not well integrated into end-to-end processes. For example, a modeler deploys vendor models to assess the technical risks and economics of a natural catastrophe portfolio. However, the outputs of the vendor model need to be combined with information from other specialists in order to enable decision-making on the underlying investment in question. This blending of information is cumbersome to piece together and often involves duplicate data entry. (Read more about the challenges and opportunities for ILS Fund Managers associated in deploying a mosaic of toolsets.)

Furthermore, such decision-making is taken up as a collaborative activity across cross-functional teams. The various inputs from the specialist teams need to be pieced together to foster common understanding. Today, this manual process eats up time that would be better spent discussing the merits and implications of a particular deal or claim by interpreting and reconciling information inputs.

What does the ideal ILS Fund Manager collaboration look like?

A clear and future-oriented solution features a 360-degree view of decision-enabling information, collaboration, and connectivity, as well as a streamlined workflow:

  • 360 Degree View
    – Offer an access point to all relevant information for decision-making purposes
    – Put data into context and turn it into information
  • Collaboration & Connectivity
    - Foster teamwork by combining multiple modes of communications from internal and external parties into one channel
    - Facilitate connectivity with an integrated system landscape
  • Workflow
    - Increase productivity through business processes automation and facilitation
    - Increase transparency of ongoing activities
The Future of Collaboration for ILS Fund Managers  2
Figure 1: Capabilities for a future-oriented ILS workbench platform


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Some dedicated ILS Fund Managers work exclusively with collateralised reinsurance, cat bonds, and other (re)insurance specific products. Others also use various asset classes, deploying operating models that can accommodate a wider range of business requirements and capabilities. Focusing only on the dedicated ILS Fund Managers, each player deploys a different operating model and employs a different make-up of internal functions—some with dedicated portfolio management and underwriting teams, others with a hierarchical structure with senior decision-makers and supporting operations. Any solution would need to account for these company-specific circumstances and processes in place. Beginning to digitise processes and information exchange is then a step toward developing a common language, a definition of business terms, and a clear understanding of processes across the industry.

Digitising the process and information exchanges should also take the role of third-party partners into account for structuring, fronting, transformer capabilities, fund management, and reserving. These engagements are often involved in key processes. Deploying this platform results in an improved collaborative experience, data quality, turnaround time, and an overall more efficient and effective work environment.

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