Unlocking the Potential of Digital Assets: Regulatory Inventory and Mapping


  • Banks are increasingly incorporating digital assets into their wealth management offerings, such as adding digital assets linked products on the shelf and developing blockchain-based product distribution channel.
  • Banks face obstacles in digital asset compliance due to heightened global scrutiny and limited resources and knowledge.
  • Specific challenges include aligning policies & procedures to regulations, implementing processes controls to risk measures, and assessing control effectiveness.

In recent years, an increasing number of banks have begun incorporating digital assets into their wealth management products, including the distribution of funds through blockchain technology.

With the increase in regulatory scrutiny of nascent digital assets and related products worldwide, banks engaged in digital asset products or technologies must conduct comprehensive reviews of relevant regulations (i.e., regulatory inventory updates) and perform a thorough regulatory mapping to processes/controls. This process helps identify potential gaps or shortcomings in their current procedures and controls, ensuring adherence to compliance standards.

Challenges and our approach

Digital assets have come under heightened regulatory scrutiny worldwide and dynamic regulatory updates, leading to a surge in regulatory complexity aimed at standardising and enforcing best practices. Despite these developments, banks often face challenges due to limited resources and knowledge concerning the risks and regulatory compliance related to digital assets.

Banks should build a regulatory inventory and conduct regulatory mapping across all products and services, and controls.

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Synpulse provides holistic regulatory insights with our digital assets regulatory inventory and regulatory mapping services to tighten the bank’s processes and controls. We create a comprehensive regulatory inventory of digital assets that spans multiple jurisdictions, enabling precise mapping of products, services, processes, and controls to relevant regulations and industry best practices.


The deliverables of the project consists of a regulatory inventory, the mapping of the bank’s existing processes and controls against the applicable regulatory obligations, gap analysis on processes and controls, industry best practices, and multi-jurisdictional requirement reports.

Our assets

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Our expertise

Synpulse’s industry experience encompasses digital assets products and services along with a strong background in risk and regulatory compliance. With rich successful project experience, we help financial institutions excel in conducting regulatory processes and control assessments across multiple business lines and jurisdictions.

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