Zoe Lang: A Career Founded on Passion and Hard Work

Zoe Lang, formerly a Senior Consultant at Synpulse from February 2018 to April 2021, currently serves as a Solutions Manager at Munich RE. Reflecting on her tenure at Synpulse, Zoe fondly recalls the time spent with our talented team, crediting the experience for igniting her passion for insurance. In our short interview, we explore Zoe’s experiences, favourite memories, and the valuable lessons she carries forward.

What do you miss most about Synpulse?

Undoubtedly, what I miss most about Synpulse is the people. To me, Synpulsians are smart, driven, and fun individuals. Whenever you assign someone a new task or ask them for some help, they are always ready to take on the challenge and handle it professionally. There is a strong can-do mindset among colleagues. I also appreciated the flat corporate culture that Synpulse nurtured. Management was approachable and friendly, making it easier to initiate conversations.

What are some of your favourite memories of Synpulse?

I have countless fond memories of my time at Synpulse, but my favourite has to be the BMC training in Bintan. The training was incredibly intense and covered a wide range of topics. It seemed like every 30 minutes, we had to do a presentation. What made the experience even more unforgettable was the Werewolf game that we played after every dinner. It was a fantastic way to bond with colleagues. There was a lot of laughter. I enjoyed it so much that after we returned to Singapore, I even tried playing the game virtually using an app, but it just wasn't the same. Part of the fun was playing the game with other Synpulsians.

How has your Synpulse career impacted you?

Synpulse helped ignite my passion for the insurance industry. I am grateful to the insurance management team for entrusting me as a pioneer to drive a strategic partnership with an Australian insurtech. Throughout the assignment, the management team provided me with invaluable guidance and support to overcome various obstacles and complete the project successfully. I learned a great deal about end-to-end insurance product design from both business and technical perspectives and worked on various aspects with different levels of complexity from designing the user journey to scripting the rating structure. After the partnership took off, we secured significant projects in Singapore with more team members onboard. The team spirit was high. Overall, the domain knowledge and experience gained during my time at Synpulse, particularly through this partnership, have been valuable for my current role at Munich Re.

What made you move from consulting to the Munich Re Solutions Manager position?

When I began my career, I worked from the agency side. During my fourth year with Synpulse, I became more interested in the insurance risk carrier side of the insurance industry. However, it was clear to me that I wanted to continue in the consulting domain. When the opportunity to join Munich Re Global Consulting Unit presented itself, I saw it as a good fit for my career trajectory so I decided to take it.

Can you tell us more about your current position?

Our team specialises in providing insurance solutions across to the entire insurance value chain. Typically, we collaborate with primary insurers to assist them with launching new product portfolios or improving portfolio performance. We work alongside our clients to drive insurance innovation while ensuring long-term sustainability and profitability. Leveraging my expertise, my primary focus is on driving insurance product design and customer experience practises. As a certified design thinking professional, I actively promote the principles of design thinking to both our team and clients. Moreover, I am responsible for the team's marketing initiatives in the region.

Outside of work, what else have you been up to? What are some of your hobbies that you spend time on after work?

As a naturally curious individual, I enjoy picking up new skills or knowledge. Reading more about design thinking, customer experience, and UX/UI is something I do regularly. On occasion, I build websites for fun. Additionally, I strongly believe that it's critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of our mental health. Meditation and yoga are essential practises for me to keep my balance.

How have you stayed in touch with Synpulse?

I’m so fortunate to have made great friends at Synpulse who share my values. They make my life in Singapore more exciting. I keep up with Synpulse's updates on LinkedIn, and I'm amazed to see the impressive growth that the company has achieved in recent years. I wish Synpulse all the best and hope that Synpulse continues to thrive and achieve success in all its future endeavours.