Anti-Money Laundering

Accelerate and simplify compliance with regulatory obligations relating to anti-money laundering through automation and optimisation and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements for your region.

Are you asking yourself

  • Can we reduce the labour intensive tasks related to anti-money laundering activities?
  • Do our false-positive rates reflect a realistic amount?
  • Have we implement all the latest regulatory requirements?
  • Does our approach cover all relevant scenarios?
  • Are we making good use of the newest artificial intelligence possibilities?

What you will get from us:

  • Analysis of current state and interview write ups
  • IT infrastructure road map
  • Scenario audit and definition of future scenarios
  • Analysis of AI potential to support AML software
  • Optimisation of KPI control possibilities combined with needs for action
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Our Approach

  • Analysis

    Interviews with key stakeholders are conducted to collet insights on infrastructure, skills & capabilities, data sources and potential use cases.

  • Mapping

    Current infrastructure and manual process steps are mapped to gain holistic picture of current state.

  • Design

    Process optimisation options are outlined, including opportunities to employ AI solutions.

  • Implementation

    Synpulse project management experts guide you through the operational adaptation of processes and potential changes to IT infrastructure.

  • Support

    Post-implementation support and documentation is provided and the effectiveness of the implementation assessed.

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