Best Execution Framework

Regulators provide guidance and expect banks to execute client orders on best available terms in order to deliver best execution outcomes. Banks must comply with the relevant MiFID provisions in Europe, MAS consultation paper in Singapore and a circular Hong Kong that covers the following six areas: Governance and management supervision, Best execution factors, Applicability of best execution, Responsibilities of execution staff, Controls and monitoring and Arrangements with affiliates, connected parties and third parties.

Are you asking yourself

  • What are best execution frameworks across all products?
  • What are industry standards to monitor best execution for products in single execution venues?
  • How can we establish a control framework to ensure our best execution is adhered to?
  • Can you share the potential price benchmarking methodologies?

What you will get from us:

  • Develop a best execution framework
  • Identify the gaps in existing processes and controls
  • Recommend the approach to enhance processes and controls across the gap identified
  • Provide a view on the industry benchmarking practices
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Our Approach

  • Framework Analysis

    An extensive review of the current Best Execution framework is completed by our experts and business analysts.

  • Interviews

    Interviews with product owner, execution teams and risk managers are conducted to understand existing processes, system capabilities and controls.

  • Gap Analysis

    A gap analysis is performed against the compliance requirements and best practices to provide recommendations on possible next steps.

  • Implementation

    Proposed enhancements on system changes, processes and controls are planned and implemented.

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