Business Model Evolution & Reinvention

Most companies apply several techniques to review their individual business model on a regular basis. However, the majority of those interpret potential customer needs rather than identifying the real customer value that comes with its services. We support our clients by evaluating existing business models with a clear focus on customer value.

Are you asking yourself

  • Is our current business model resilient enough to tackle current or future obstacles?
  • Are we using our core competencies to their full competitive advantage?
  • Are your resources and other intangible assets used to their full potential?
  • Do you cover all needs of your clients and potential future clients?
  • Does our market position reflect the business we would like to do in 5-10 years time?

What you will get from us:

  • Definition of a sustainable and resilient business model
  • A business model based on core competences
  • Analysis of competitive advantages and market positions
  • Roadmap and development recommendations
  • Business-wide acceptance of new strategy
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Our Approach

  • Current Potential

    Using interviews and questionnaires to analyse current business-level strategy.

  • Discover Potentials

    Identification of market potentials, definition of customer needs and acceleration of internal competitive advantages.

  • Strategic Options

    Outlining strategic potentials for future business orientation.

  • Strategy Definition

    Joint development of the new strategy with project team and C-Level stakeholders.

  • Roll-Out/ Implementation

    Overall implementation of new strategy and business model throughout the organization.

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