Business Radar

Companies have more customer data than ever before. Be it for processing invoices, shipping products or handling complaints: customer data is generated at a variety of contact points. Yet the underlying business potential is rarely exploited. The Business Radar is designed to harvest new customer potential and allows you to automatically measure the success of resulting campaigns.

Are you asking yourself

  • Is it possible to have an interface to my CRM System?
  • Where is the application hosted?
  • How many capacities are required on customer side?
  • What are the costs for the project implementation?
  • Which license models are there and what are the costs for it?

What you will get from us:

  • Quick access to information for thousands of users from specialist departments and management
  • Instant application of analytical findings by means of operative actions
  • Prompt and accurate handling of sales processes
  • Pinpoint allocation of the marketing and sales budget
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Product Features

  • Target Group Management

    Dynamic creation of selections to define target groups for sales

  • Campaign Management

    Creation and processing of campaigns with an integrated profitability analysis

  • Sales Controlling

    Creation of individualized dashboards for management to track sales activities.

  • Customer Service

    Provision of individual 360 ° views on the customer for improved customer approach and interaction.

  • Relationship Management

    Support of the sales force by means of integrated scheduling and contact maintenance / follow-up.

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