Claims Capabilities Health Check

The model allows the fast and pragmatic analysis of deficits in claims handling using checklists and blueprints of an optimal claims function. The check is used for the top-down assessment of the claims function, but not for the detailed analysis of individual claims files or process steps. Our model has been derived from Synpulse year-long experience in the insurance industry and in particular form its numerous claims projects.

Are you asking yourself

  • Is my organization ready for future requirements in the claims function?
  • Do we have digital capabilities across the entire process chain of the claims handling?
  • How do our customers experience our claims handling?
  • Are we using efficient means and technologies to handle claims?
  • How do we compare in our claim function to the best on the market?

What you will get from us:

  • With the Claims Capability Assessment, "top-down" potentials can be derived and fields of action identified. On this basis, further detailed work would be carried out to develop the Target Operating Model in the claims area and identify the necessary technological requirements.
  • It allows a pragmatic analysis of deficits in claims processing using checklists of an optimal claims function.
  • From the comparison with the current actual situation, potential for improvement is determined and measures are identified.
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Our Approach

  • Planning

    Identification of relevant stakeholders, Planning of interviews and workshops, Provision of documentation for the review (e.g. claims processes).

  • Survey & Review

    Review of the documents provided, Customization of the survey specifically for the client, Online survey / self-assessment with selected participants, Evaluation of the answers from the survey.

  • Interviews & Focus Groups

    Nomination of interview participants and definition of focus groups, Structured, qualitative interviews and moderated focus groups using interview guidelines to collect qualitative inputs.

  • Workshops

    2-4 workshops to determine the fields of action from the consolidated results, define the measures and calibrate them with stakeholders.

  • Result Report and Action Plan

    External assessment of the Maturity results by Synpulse, Summary of all results in one report, action plan and recommendation for quick wins and execution setup.

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