Improve your Client Lifetime Value sustainably with Marketing and Sales Technology

A client’s decision depends on a vast variety of interdependent factors, but only a few can be influenced. The companies that have a better understanding of how to invest their marketing and sales budget will win the clients. By focussing on the Cient Lifetime Value and with the power of the right marketing and sales technologies, you can build the capabilities to reduce cost and increase impact at the same time.

Are you asking yourself

  • What drives the decisions of my clients?
  • How do I recognise the value of a client?
  • How can I identify the profitability potential of anonymous contacts and develop the relationship in order to win them as new clients?
  • Where (channel), when (timing) and how (message) can I best reach and engage with my clients?
  • How can I manage my client journeys across all channels and touchpoints individually and efficiently?
  • How can I leverage client data collected across various channels and build profitable customer relationships?
  • How do I use the power of automation and mass customisation to monetise the long tail?
  • What regulatory, compliance and risk requirements do I need to adhere to when collecting, storing and processing client data?

What you will get from us:

  • Insight and understanding about the decision making of your clients
  • The capability to address the relevant client needs at the right time via the right channel, which will lead to higher sales conversion and the growth of the share of wallet
  • Instruments and processes are in place to utilise customer interaction data to nurture the client relationship
  • Effective and streamlined client management processes allowing you to provide services to the long tail with profit
  • Efficient adherence to regulatory, compliance and risk requirements
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Our Approach

The exact approach depends on the setup and needs of your organisation. The below described steps are an excerpt of the complete service offering that we provide for optimising your Client Lifetime Value sustainably. For the complete overview or more details about our services please reach out to us.

  • Client Typology & Journey

    With our support you will identify the key client types, understand their decision making profile and learn about their long term value. Together we will develop the required capabilities to utilise this knowledge to constantly increase the value of your client relationships.

  • Lead Nurturing

    We assist you in implementing and applying your channels in such a way that they allow you to classify anonymous contacts according to their profitability potential. With our help, you will then learn how to nurture these leads and to convert them into profitable client relationships.

  • Marketing & Sales Technology

    Together with your experts we assess the current organisational and technical setup of your organisation and identify potential gaps for boosting your Client Lifetime Value. We evaluate the right Marketing and Sales Technology for your individual requirements, and help you in its implementation and exploitation.

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