Credit Onboarding Optimisation

Operational efficiency stands at the forefront of long-term success. Optimise your credit onboarding workflow to process loan applications at higher volumes with better accuracy in assessing client risks. Gain tangible benefits with lowered operational costs and minimised credit risks while improving the overall client onboarding experience.

Are you asking yourself

  • What data should I use to optimise the credit onboarding process?
  • What automation can I enable to enhance the screening and documents gathering process?
  • Are my staff working with sufficient documentation to progress in the onboarding process?
  • Can I accelerate the decision-making process between Front Office Staff and Credit Officers?

What you will get from us:

  • Optimised credit onboarding workflow
  • Improved client credit onboarding experience
  • Lower credit and regulatory risks exposures
  • Clear project implementation plan
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Our Approach

  • Process Maps

    Conduct credit onboarding process mapping and review through interviews with Front Office, Operations, and Regulatory & Compliance staff.

  • Vendor Shortlist

    Perform comprehensive vendor assessment and discuss vendor solution implementation proposal.

  • Process Mockups

    Create dashboards, working screen, and workflow process mockup to visualise optimised workflow artefacts.

  • Implementation Proposal

    Develop credit onboarding optimisation implementation project proposal including measures and roadmap.

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