Cryptocurrency Proposition & Operating Model

Blockchain technologies open up new possibilities for the organisation of economic activities. Identify relevant use cases along your entire value chain and explore the opportunities digital assets offer to you and your clients. Learn why you must care about crypto services today.

Are you asking yourself

  • What is the potential of crypto assets in my organisation?
  • Can I extend my service scope or even business lines?
  • Can I create additional revenue streams through tokenisation services?
  • Can I increase my assets under management or provide a new asset class for my investment management clients?
  • How can I serve clients who would like to hold or trade digital assets (e.g. tokenised equity) or tokenise and trade their assets themselves (e.g. art)?

What you will get from us:

  • Established operating operating model comprising proposition, processes and architecture
  • Established business case for sign-off and continuous tracking of implementation
  • Identified relevant use cases
  • Partnerships to ensure operational readiness
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Our Approach

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

    Train project team and senior management on blockchain technology principles

  • Synpulse Blockchain Wheel

    Conduct use case exploration workshop based on the Synpulse Blockchain Wheel

  • Blockchain Value Propositions

    Explore bank’s clients problem space and develop value propositions for them

  • Product Design Sprints

    Prototype and test product ideas in Design Sprints

  • Business Case Creation

    Define detailed product concept and business case for approval

  • Operating Model Implementation

    Define and implement operating model for new offering

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