Customer Experience

Engage your customers! Customers do not know which of your products fit their needs. Instead of promoting product, insurers need to understand their customers’ situation and comprehensively offer tailored advice.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we attract digital natives and actively manage the entry point into the sales journey (inform & engage)?
  • How do we engage potential customers to share more of their needs?
  • How can we ultimately increase our sales by matching customer needs to products?

What you will get from us:

  • Building the bridge from product to the customer needs through:
  • Indepth know-how of processes and customer journeys
  • The complete end to end solution (or required parts) to reach and attract digital natives with your website (content, design and implementation)
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  • Industry Expertise

    Broad knowledge of insurance industry and products as well as customer needs

  • Indepth Know-How of Processes and Customer Journeys

    Detailed description of engagement process of relevant personas

  • Gap Analysis and Recommendation

    Experience in as-is / to-be analysis including recommendation

  • Design and Recommendation

    E2e solution from content to website design and implementation

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