Sales Compass

The Sales Compass is a sales management and planning system across all sales channels for use by management. Using the solution, all relevant business information, such as production, stock, remuneration, agency, performance, client and cost information, can be made available in real-time in various role concepts. Innovative KPIs and control parameters can be defined directly by the department and immediately updated (online) in the reports.

Are you asking yourself

  • Is there a possibility for a prototype?
  • How long does the main project take?
  • What are the costs for the project implementation?
  • Which license models do you have and what are the costs for it?
  • How many capacities are required on the customer side?

What you will get from us:

  • Best Practices (KPIs, Processes, Control system, Governance)
  • End-to-end control system involving all sales channels and management areas
  • Integration of existing planning and control tools (avoidance of isolated solutions)
  • Corporate guidelines and value orientation displayed in planning and control tools
  • Significant increase in transparency and validity using cockpits and KPI design
  • Efficiency gains as a result of a reduction in process run times, error prevention
  • Compliance with audit integrity and Solvency II requirements
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Product Features

  • Initial Project Setup

    Setup & signing of Non-disclosure agreement, Data-protection agreement, Project agreement

  • 1st phase «Analysis»

    System screening (current reporting systems and their user groups, strengths and weaknesses of the current systems), Content screening (information needs, defining KPIs and report standards), Data source screening (identification of relevant data sources)

  • 2nd phase «Conception»

    Target definition (define targets and action fields, list of requirements), Fields of action (GAP-Analysis, List of relevant reports, define role and authorisation concept), Roadmap

  • 3rd phase «Implementation»

    Tool implementation and testing, Data processing, Report construction with an implemented role and authorisation concept

  • 4th phase «Monitoring»

    Data monitoring (optimise data quality), Report monitoring (statistic about report uses and new report requirements), Tool monitoring (bugs and features)

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