Distribution Target Model

Transform your distribution organisation and sales force to adapt to rising cost pressure, changing customer expectations and growing ecosystems. We can help you to re-focus channels, roles, skills, incentives and activities to achieve your ambitious targets.

Are you asking yourself

  • Do you feel increasing cost pressure on distribution and sales?
  • Does your organisation adequately reflect your customers’ needs and your own strengths?
  • How can you improve customer engagement and growth?

What you will get from us:

  • Current state analysis
  • Understanding and presentation of expected cost savings and other benefits
  • Target Distribution Model design
  • Target Distribution Model implementation plan
  • Change management plan
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Our Approach

  • Channel Analysis

    Synpulse will conduct an analysis of your as-is distribution channel.

  • Interviews

    We conduct stakeholder interviews to understand the pain-points along your distribution chain, and ensure that removing these are the centre of your strategy.

  • Design and Analysis

    After careful analysis, we design a prototype for a Distribution Target model that provides you with a framework to save costs and improve growth.

  • Test

    We take an iterative approach that means you learn quickly about what works and what does not.

  • Implementation

    Our experts help clients implement Distribution Target Models sustainably.

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