Ecosystem and Platform Banking Strategy

Open Banking requires banks to open customer data to third parties in an effort to enable more competition and customer control. Define an Open Banking strategy and related ecosystem business models for your services and products.

Are you asking yourself

  • Do you face competition from non-traditional players (FinTechs, BigTechs, challenger banks and non-banking players)?
  • Do you see evolving customer behavior and demands in all segments and customers moving to players with innovative digital/mobile only products with minimal friction?
  • Are you confronted with shrinking margins due to the unbundling of the banking value chain?
  • Are you tied to slow innovation due to legacy technology and lack of IT talents?
  • Do you suffer from having limited return on high investments in Open API architecture due to PSD2?

What you will get from us:

  • Attract new customers, new talent and new revenue streams (API pricing, platform fees)
  • Low TCO and project cost for FinTech services (SaaS; pay per use)
  • Get rid of legacy system costs and enable fast time-to-market due to a modern front architecture
  • Think in terms of client experience and not product silos: Keep the client relation and data on your platform
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Our Approach

  • Strategy Definition

    Define an Open Banking Strategy and/or the corresponding API Platform Strategy.

  • Build API

    Build Open APIs to distribute your products and services and partner with non-traditional players.

  • Value Chain

    Re-bundle the value chain on your banking platform to increase effectiveness.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with FinTechs (ecosystem) to meet customer demand on user experience and low friction products.

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