Enterprise Architecture

Often, the IT strategy does not align well with the overall business strategy. This creates a lot of friction and causes difficulties and delays in executing both strategies. Enterprise Architecture can bring the two strategies together and define an aligned path forward.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we tell if our IT Strategy and Business Strategy are aligned?
  • How can we leverage technology to drive efficiency and/or growth in business?
  • What are the key gaps and roadblocks that will keep us from executing our strategy successfully?
  • How can technology enable us to develop capabilities currently missing from our organisation?
  • How do we holistically approach and execute enterprise strategy?

What you will get from us:

  • Ensure or realise alignment between business and IT strategies
  • Evidence-based approach for informing project priorities and driving investments
  • Create a common language of the business across complex, global enterprises
  • Define the organisation’s capabilities identifying gaps and opportunities
  • Create enterprise-wide artifacts to serve as blueprints
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Our Approach

  • Architecture Vision

    Set up the architecture principles, drivers, and governance structure together with relevant stakeholders in the organisation.

  • As-Is-Analysis

    Document the current enterprise architecture through stakeholder interviews and artifact review. Develop a maturity assessment based on the information.

  • Target Definition

    Define target capabilities and application landscape through workshops with management and key stakeholders from all relevant areas.

  • Gap Analysis

    Based on conducted workshops, identify, map and prioritize key pain points and opportunities in the organisation.

  • Roadmap

    Deduct next steps on implementing the measures, keeping in mind the priorities and the risk appetite of the organization.

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