ESG Strategy and Compliance

Identify the strategy and guidelines on ESG transformation and sustainable investing.

Are you asking yourself

  • What dimensions should I look at when I assess an ESG framework?
  • How do I choose suitable data providers in the market?
  • I need an ESG framework in line with the regulatory expectations and industry best practice based on my bank’s size, business nature, operational complexity, and existing ESG setup.
  • How can I consolidate the ESG framework with my existing business?

What you will get from us:

  • Documentation of gaps
  • Customised ESG framework
  • ESG strategy and mission, culture and target, as well as product roadmap based on vendor sourcing analysis
  • Implementation of target ESG framework
  • Provide a tailored ESG risk framework supported by compliant policy and procedure, appropriate risk methodologies, and ongoing training and monitoring guidelines
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Our Approach

  • ESG as-is analysis

    a. Eight to ten workshops to review (and document) existing processes and compliance programme b. Desktop review of client literature, reports, policies, and trainings

  • ESG gap analysis

    a. Definition of requirements to identify the ESG gaps and risks for processes, policies, reports, and trainings b. Provide recommendations and guidelines against regulations and market best practice c. Build up or revamp the ESG risk framework

  • Approach selection and market radar analysis

    a. Four to six workshops to decide on whether to offer no ESG product, own ESG product, or third-party ESG product b. Vendor analysis and shortlisting applicable approaches or vendors

  • Implementation

    a. IT specification and testing support b. Change management to amend processes c. Draft and align new client literature, policies, procedures, and reports d. Training and rollout support

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