European Investor Protection Regulation in the Swiss Banking Context

The ever-evolving European and Swiss investor protection regulation require a structured approach to maintain compliance. An intelligent approach will further coordinate the requirements of the different regulators to ensure an efficient implementation by exploiting synergies. Our holistic approach assesses current implementations, identifies gaps and potential for increased efficiency and provides implementation guidance .

Are you asking yourself

  • How does European investor protection regulation affect our business?
  • How will the expansions, which were introduced since go-live of MiFID II, influence our compliance?
  • How can we approach the implementation of Swiss investor protection regulation (FIDLEG) and what synergies with pre-existing MiFID-based procedures and systems are there?
  • How can we address environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of investor protection?

What you will get from us:

  • Re-assessment and improved documentation of existing investor protection implementation
  • Roadmap and project planning for change implementation
  • Fast and efficient implementation including solution quality assurance
  • Support with Swiss investor protection regulation based on exiting MiFID implementation
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Our Approach

  • Discovery

    Use cases with potential MiFID implications are detected and described along your value chain.

  • Health Check

    A health check of the existing implementation of MiFID requirements is conducted by Synpulse topic experts.

  • Synergies

    Investor protection requirements across regulations are analysed to find synergies and convergences to be explored (co-existence of MiFID and FIDLEG).

  • Implementation

    Synpulse topic and project management experts facilitate the further development of your investor protection in a client-centric and pragmatic way.

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