Fraud Management

Reduce internal and external Fraud risks and improve Fraud detection efficiency by optimising processes and using Artificial Intelligence to reduce manual processes and fixed rule-based monitoring.

Are you asking yourself

  • Are my first line of defence processes optimally automated?
  • Are all employee-related risks scenarios being considered and monitored?
  • Have all customer, product and transaction related risks been considered?
  • Does my IT infrastructure support or hinder efficiency?
  • Are my processes robust and resilient?

What you will get from us:

  • Extensive interview write-ups
  • Fraud scenario audit and definition of future fraud scenarios
  • IT infrastructure road map
  • AI possibilities to support fraud software
  • Optimised Fraud KPI controls
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Our Approach

  • Analysis

    Perform process analysis including interviews with all stakeholders to receive insights on infrastructure, skills and capabilities, data sources and possible use cases.

  • Design

    Design processes and IT infrastructure roadmap based on the understanding of the current IT setup and manual process steps.

  • Optimisation

    Outline opportunities for process optimisation in your organisation with focus on the application of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Solution

    Operational adaptation of processes and IT infrastructure based on optimised processes and recommended IT solutions.

  • Post-Support

    Provide post-implementation support and comprehensive and solution documentation.

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