Our team of finance and insurance transformation specialists have the right knowledge and experience to support your IFRS 17 implementation. We can help you fulfil the new, complex and systemic requirements of IFRS 17, and ensure all reporting requirements are met.

Are you asking yourself

  • Is my IFRS 17 implementation on track?
  • Is the integration of my cash flow engine into the finance data flow optimal?
  • Have I ensured auditability and am I putting the right controls into place?
  • Do I have any Information gaps in the finance data flow (e.g. to determine contract boundary, PAA or VFA eligibility,…)?
  • Where do I store and maintain input data and results for cash flow generation and calculation of IFRS 17 measures?

What you will get from us:

  • Holistic IFRS 17 project review
  • Recommendation on appropriate IFRS 17 solution architecture
  • Subject matter expertise around IFRS 17 and system implementation
  • Target operating model for the finance function post IFRS 17 implementation
  • Extensive support in testing and training activities
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Our Approach

  • Assessment

    Comprehensive IFRS 17 project assessment.

  • Remediation

    Remediation action plan and roadmap.

  • Implementation

    Support for development testing, training and migration.

  • Deployment

    Go-live support and early life support.

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