Individual, Single Claims Reserving

Reserving adequacy is central to any competitive (re)insurance firm. Our experts can help you capitalise on your claim data, enhance your traditional reserving processes, and get more out of your business with improved quality of best estimates.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we improve the adequacy of our reserve estimates?
  • How can we help our claims adjusters in setting case reserves?
  • How can we help our reserving actuaries by providing them individual claim information?
  • How can we improve the efficiency of our processes?
  • Is there a way to streamline our operations?

What you will get from us:

  • Documentation of the entire reserving processes
  • Clear use-cases for single claims reserving
  • Process and technology gap identification
  • Support of strategical realization
  • Enhanced cooperation of actuarial and claims department
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Our Approach

  • Stakeholder Interviews

    Conduct extensive interviews with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Claims Department Focus

    Clarify reserving processes throughout the claims department.

  • Actuarial Department Focus

    Clarify reserving processes in actuarial reserving processes.

  • Stakeholder Workshops

    Conduct workshop series to bring together both views and establish exchange.

  • Software Implementation

    Implementation of our software package «micro-level reserving».

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