Insurance Business Architecture

Business architecture improvements improve the internal functioning of your organisation as well as the experience for your customers. Technologies can help drive your business performance while also ensuring your enterprise architecture is resilient in the future.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we improve the execution of strategy across business functions?
  • How do we align the organisation with your strategic plan?
  • What approach will allow us to offer a continuous improvement and innovative capabilities to our end customers?
  • How can we leverage technology and business to drive performance improvement?

What you will get from us:

  • Business architecture enables the business in taking full advantage of opportunities due to growing customer expectations, new technologies, ecosystems, regulatory change or other market factors.
  • Business architecture provides you transparency across traditionally siloed business units.
  • Last but not least, business architecture allows organisations to leverage technology and overcome IT constraints on business requirements.
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Our Approach

  • Business Assessment

    At first, an assessment of the current business architecture is conducted.

  • Strategic Roadmap Development

    Then, a strategic roadmap is development and a plan for implementation defined.

  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio management is discussed, defined and implemented.

  • Business Architecture

    The business architecture is redesigned according to plan to match client requirements.

  • Operating Model Redesign

    In a final step, the operating model is adjusted or redesigned, if necessary.

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