Insurance Data Migration

The Synpulse Insurance Data Migration practice has been applied to more than 10 large conversions with account data, policies, claims records, and financial figures in several lines of business in the reinsurance and insurance industry. At the center of our approach is a focus on as-is assessment, data quality, IT security, on-time delivery, and cut-over planning.

Are you asking yourself

  • Do we need support designing the most efficient data migration plan?
  • Do we need insurance industry-specific expertise to deal with source data quality issues?
  • Do we want a partner who can advise on how many reconciliation figures are needed for a claim's migration project?
  • Do we want to analyse the quality of the migrated data in a clear and comprehensive way?
  • What is the best approach for pre- and postmigration data cleanups?

What you will get from us:

  • Efficient migration plan approach
  • Comprehensive migration analysis and specifications
  • Timely migration activities
  • Targeted migration test approach
  • Well-managed post-migration activities
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Our Approach

  • Conversion Approach

    Identify the necessary source systems and which data has to be migrated

  • Planning

    Based on the analysis of requirements methods, strategies and timelines are defined for the data migration project.

  • Implementation and Testing

    Implementation of data migration tasks and testing with reconciliation key figures.

  • Cut-over Management

    Cut-over management to complete the data migration successfully.

  • Post-Migration Support

    Post-migration support activities like cleanups or back feed to legacy systems.

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