Intelligent Automation Assessment

Assess the potential for intelligent automation within your organization and identify quick wins and long term initiatives that will optimize the value from automation for your business. Use these insights to create a strong business case and realistic roadmap to ensure successful implementation.

Are you asking yourself

  • What is my RPA and intelligent automation vision and which automation styles are available (attended, unattended, AI-augmented)?
  • In which areas do I have the highest potential to automate processes?
  • Which processes are «low hanging fruits» and should be automated first?
  • What is the cost saving potential when processes are automated?
  • What is the implementation effort to automate the processes?

What you will get from us:

  • Prioritization matrix
  • Processes clustered by type of data input
  • Prioritization of automation ensures desired return on investment can be achieved
  • Clear picture of cost saving potential and implementation effort per process
  • Easy benefit tracking during initiative, avoids risk of bringing RPA initiative to a premature halt
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Our Approach

  • Heat Map

    Identify and map potential use cases across the organization.

  • Workshop Series

    Perform workshops with SMEs on the processes of the heatmaps

  • Prioritization

    The results are ranked and high potential candidates are derived

  • Definition of Roadmap

    The automation agenda with clear business KPIs and metrics is defined.

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