IT Maturity Assessment

A fit-for-purpose IT landscape is a strategic enabler and can make all the difference to the productivity of your teams, the quality of your software products, and the satisfaction of your customers. As a result, an effective IT landscape is often linked to the success of the business that it is aligned with.

Are you asking yourself

  • How does our IT landscape compare to other players and best practices?
  • Are our capabilities aligned for success?
  • What are the measures we can take to improve our IT landscape?
  • How can we identify issues and areas for improvement in our IT landscape?
  • How well does our IT landscape reflect our short and long-term goals?

What you will get from us:

  • Instant summary of the current situation
  • Understanding of what areas or activities need improvement
  • Early identification of problems that allows enough time for corrective measures
  • Identification of critical success factors, future risks and mitigation strategies
  • Description of the benefits and value of improvement measures
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Our Approach

  • Tailor-made Models

    Adjustments to our standard capability maturity model allow a tailored representation of your goals and current situation

  • Self-Assessment

    Self-assessments are conducted per selected person for as-is and to-be states

  • Interviews

    Deep-dive focus group interviews are conducted to investigate potential issues

  • Results

    The results are challenged and aggregated into holistic assessment pictures

  • Reporting

    The final report is presented, options are provided and implications are discussed with key stakeholders

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