Lombard Lending

Implementing a Lomboard Lending Model can lower your Bank’s Risk-Weighted Asset reserves and associated costs can be lowered by over 80% by adopting a Lombard lending model. Moving from a single-line securities model can help increase sales opportunities while decreasing credit risks exposure and reduce operational complexity.

Are you asking yourself

  • Can I lower Risk-Weighted Assets costs and reserve?
  • Are my credit processes efficient and able to meet regulatory demands?
  • Can I lower the reported credit risks?
  • How much more credit products can I sell with an automated, efficient, and agile process?
  • Can I grow my investment product scope and recommendation capabilities by increasing my lending capabilities and analytics?

What you will get from us:

  • Detailed business case to support an improved lending offering.
  • Target Systems Architecture proposals to improve efficiency for all lending operations and processes.
  • Detailed Implementation Project Plan.
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Our Approach

  • Management Workshops

    Conduct management workshops to understand and develop the Lombard business case vision and approach.

  • Project Design

    Derive project design and cost estimates through interviews and workshops with Business, IT, Risk & Reporting, Operations.

  • Target Systems Architecture

    Define Target Systems Architecture through project work groups with IT as well as Operations.

  • Systems Capacity and Data Capability Assessment

    Systems Capacity and Data Capability Assessment and Upgrade Cost Estimation together with IT working group.

  • Implementation Proposal

    Develop a detailed implementation project proposal based on the business case in collaboration with our experts.

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