Market Validation Trough Prototyping

Innovate better and ensure customer centricity by validating your innovation project with real market feedback from an iteratively built clickable prototype. This will allow you to start testing your prototype and anticipate your product entry into the market.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we develop a clickable prototype that represents our solution?
  • How can we validate the market potential of our solution quickly before a large & costly roll-out?
  • How can we evaluate the market potential of our solution?
  • How can we assess the development cost in comparison with the expected revenue?

What you will get from us:

  • Three iterations of a clickable prototype refined with market feedback
  • Market input consisting of 15 test interviews with write-ups
  • Business Canvas with revenue and cost assessment
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Our Approach

  • Scope Definition

    A workshops with the business owner is conducted to determine the core features & functionalities of the desired prototype.

  • Prototype Development

    Three development sprints of only one week each are performed in order to develop a clickable prototype based on the requirements.

  • Iterative Testing

    Market test sessions are orchestrated after each sprint to allow for an interative testing: Willingness to pay, added value, etc.

  • Process Review

    A workshop with business owner and key stakeholders is conducted to assess next steps with a high-level business canvas.

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