Market Intelligence

Review your pricing strategy and identify potential for improvement through our market expertise. Transform your pricing strategy based on the gained insights.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can we review our competitive pricing strategy and identify potential for improvement?
  • How can we integrate structured market observations into our pricing process?
  • How can we compare our market prices with our competitors’ prices?
  • How can we improve our marketability in certain segments?

What you will get from us:

  • Outside-in challenge of your existing market pricing strategy
  • Improvement of your pricing process by using market intelligence as an key source of information
  • Improving your competitive pricing in order to boost marketability and profitable growth
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  • Analysis

    Methodical and technical competencies in market analysis

  • Peer Definition

    Identifying and selecting the main competitors in the industry

  • Benchmark

    Defining representative reference profiles and conducting analysis from a product and price perspective

  • Market Radar

    Experiences in the development of systematic market radars and the appropriate methods (Web-Crawling & Mystery Shopping)

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