Modern Fraud Detection

Insurance companies do not need to exchange customer experience for fraud protection. Using machine learning, you can reduce your claim costs, enhance the processing experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Are you asking yourself

  • How can machine learning reduce claims costs?
  • Why does a good fraud detection improve the customer satisfaction?
  • Can AI be applied to existing claims operation and systems?

What you will get from us:

  • Pre-defined known patterns of insurance fraud
  • Application of machine learning frees up resources needed to defined complex claims adjudication rules
  • SaaS reduces the efforts and costs for maintenance
  • High degree of freedom to include various external data sources based on individual needs
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Our Approach

  • Current-state Evaluation

    Evaluation of current claims data

  • Pilot Implementation

    Pilot application of pre-defined pattern and AI algorithm

  • Feedback and Improvement

    Feedback loop with internal data scientists & business

  • Technology Integration

    Apply AI on operational claims data as SaaS

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