Next Generation Operating Model

Increase your company’s organisational efficiency, agility and effectiveness fast and effectively. By conducting an operating model transformation, you can reshape the essential areas of your organisation efficiently.

Are you asking yourself

  • Are you planning on transforming your business and operations into a more efficient and agile setup?
  • Does my organisation have the potential for efficiency or agility gains?
  • Are you envisioning your organisation to have high automation and Straight-Through-Processing (STP) rates?
  • Are my organisation’s capabilities allocated geographically at the right place?
  • Does my organisation focus on its core competencies?
  • Do I need a plan to steer the transformation of my businesses and operations?

What you will get from us:

  • Clear vision, blue print and roadmap to institutionalise the strategy in a structured and fast way
  • Executable transformation plan with continuous cost & benefit tracking
  • Trackable business case that typically includes
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Factor cost arbitrage
  • Cost utilisation
  • Reduction of transformation costs (CtB) / Increase of ROI
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Our Approach

  • Vision and Design Principles

    Set the target operating model vision and design principles supporting your strategy and business model

  • Products and Services

    Streamline your offering to reduce maintenance costs and set up a modularised architecture to provide your clients with bespoke solutions at low costs and to improve time-to-market for new offerings

  • Processes and Organisation

    Benchmark your processes against quantitative and qualitative targets to identify bottlenecks, redundancies and automation opportunities. Align your organisation to your value streams and form cross-functional product teams to foster innovation

  • Technology and Architecture

    Analyze the current application and IT infrastructure landscape and assess the business value of target architectures (e.g. standardisation, centralisation, cloud, blockchain technologies)

  • Partnerships and Sourcing

    Determine your sourcing strategy, identify the right partners and perform robust due diligence

  • Transformation Delivery

    Plan your transformation and track your business case deliverables and outcomes throughout the transformation

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